So Who Needs ID to travel?

Well if you every wondered what would happen if you forgot your ID when traveling by air, I can now tell you!

The morning started uneventfully as Jenn (I owe you, big time!) shuttled me to BWI airport for at 7:20 flight (do the math, we left just before 5am). I had prepacked virtually all my gear. Just needed to gather up the loose items and hit the road in the morning. Made it to BWI in record time — who knew that traffic actually MOVES on the Beltway at 5am? As soon as I opened up the hatch of the Element, I knew it. I didn’t even have to look. I had left my wallent on my desk. After a few choice words and some debate as to whether we could get home and back in time (Jenn was great. Never panicked, just let me steam slowly), I went inside to see if they would still take me. After a little mumbling with other people behind the desk, I was told that I could get through, I’d just have to go through the extra screening. Deal!!!

Fortunately, I had stashed cash in my carry-on expecting to use it later! After a relieved hug from Jenn, I made it through security without at hitch. The depth of my indebtedness grows to Jenn who retrieved my wallet from home and is sending to to me here in Hawaii.

Other than that, the trip has been uneventful. Quick layover in Phoenix (saw an ad for the Cirq de Soleil show KA on the airplane which reminded me of the Las Vegas trip last month), I landed in Honolulu 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Only drawback was the 3 hour layover waiting for a 40 minute hop to Kona. No worries. We’re on island time!

IM is tomorrow. I’m here to support Principle Fitness athletes Gail Lohman, Vergil Arbuckle, Elizabeth Weaver and Cheryl McMurray (yes, I’m claiming Cheryl because she swims with us!). Each is racing IM Hawaii for the first time and they have each traveled their own unique path to get here. I am looking forward to sharing their experience with them. If you want to receive text message updates on these or other athletes, check out It’s a pretty cool, free service.

Until then, I’m out. 17 hours of training is plenty for me!