Race Course Preview

Woke on Wednesday morning to cool (upper 60s) and partly cloudy morning. The sun rising over Haleakala was beautiful. First picture is the West Maui Mountains. The 2nd is 180 degrees the other direction looking up to Haleakala.

On my way out to the beach to take these pictures, I encountered a new friend who said, “Of course I am racing, can’t you see how fast I’m going?!” He was about 4 inches long. Big sucker!

Went for a swim and then a ride on the practice course. They don’t let us ride on the actual course until race day because it is private land. The picture looks timid doesn’t it? Problem is, underneath all that green of the trail are fist-sized loose lava rocks that make it feel like you are riding on marbles. Even the mild descents feel sketchy. Ooo, can’t wait for Sunday!

Today, Thursday, went for another swim and ride. Swim course (see picture left) was flat and clear (yesterday was Eagleman-like choppy). Rode up the practice course again and felt much more comfortable with the loose rocks.
Ran into Pierre & Kathy who were out to pre-ride. They look ready to go as long as they, along with Kathy’s mom, can keep little Valerie occupied!